Residential Solar Systems

Thinking about installing Solar panels at home? Colby SOLAR provide a range of domestic household services.

Domestic solar panels have the potential to provide not only a reduced environmental footprint but long term savings to your home. 

In addition to reducing your power bill and receiving a minimum 10% return on investment over time, a number of reports by real estate agents and valuers have determined that installing solar panels can increase the value of your property.

We are Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited electricians meaning we know solar. Our CEC accreditation also means you can apply for the Australian Federal Government solar rebate to claim a subsidy on your panels when using Colby SOLAR for installation.

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Our Residential services include

SOLAR panel and inverter installations (SOLAR systems)

Solar panels are devices used to convert light into electricity. They rely on the sun as their source of energy and turn this into power through the use of photovoltaic systems.

Solar Inverters provide the means of converting the direct energy current to your house. As CEC accredited electricians, Colby SOLAR have over 30 years combined experience in solar installations and are passionate about renewable energy and reducing our environmental footprint. Get a quote today and have your solar panels installed in just 1 day.

Solar Monitoring Equipment

Solar monitoring allows you to track your power usage including information about energy consumption and generation, damage to your solar system and optimizing energy usage.

Colby SOLAR can install or upgrade your existing system to solar monitoring so you can track your power use from your phone or tablet. This means you will always know how your system is performing.

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Clean solar panels

Dirty solar panels but don’t feel like climbing on your roof? Do you know how to clean solar panels? It might sound easy but did you know that scratching your solar panels can reduce their efficiency Colby SOLAR provide professional solar panel cleaning services.
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Do you have a system that isn’t working to its full potential? All repairs done by Colby SOLAR are done by a licensed electrician so if arranged prior we can also do other electrical maintenance or small jobs while on site. Get a quote today and have your solar panels installed in just 1 day.

Power saving tips and environmental auditing

Are you unsure if solar panels are for you but want to reduce your power bill? Colby SOLAR can undertake an environmental audit of your home to determine how best to reduce your power bill and do something for the planet at the same time. Place lights for energy efficient LEDs, Set and install timers so hot water services and pool pumps etc work during the day when your making power,
Have you just installed solar panels but the power company bills are too confusing to read or are you struggling to find the best plan for you? Colby SOLAR understand and provide dedicated and factual information and educate people on how to be smart with their power.

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