Commercial Solar Systems

Energize the future with solar power.

Commercial Solar systems for ABN holders offer cost-effective and ethical means of energy consumption. 

Colby SOLAR can tailor make a solar installation plan to suit your business. We specialise is solar systems from 3kw up to 100kw. 

With lending interest rates at record lows, solar can be a positively geared investment from day one.

Cost benefits

Commercial Solar is generally the most cost effective type of solar on the market. This is because most businesses use the majority of their electricity during the day when they are producing power, unlike an average household that uses more power early mornings and nights.

This means the power savings can be huge and most commercial systems will pay for themselves in 1 to 3 years. 

Designing the right system

The design of a commercial solar system can be complex. We will discuss with you your needs for solar, then we can collect data from your smart meter or wire temporary equipment (data logger) to your building to find out exactly how much electricity you use and at what time of the day. 

We then use this information with our ‘top of the line’ solar design software to tailor the perfect solar system for your business.

Pay up front? Finance?
Let us pay!

Finance is a great option to get money back in your pocket sooner if you don’t have the money to spend on a solar system right now. Talk to us if you require finance.

Not interested in finance? We are so confident our solar systems will generate the right amount of power for your business, we can put one on your roof for FREE and let you enjoy a reduced rate on your electricity bill, with no up front costs.

Government funded commercial lighting upgrades

Colby Solar is an approved installer under the HEER and ESKY scheme to install energy efficient lighting through Ecovantage Australia.
Solar is one way to save costs and reduce Co2, but energy efficient lighting is definitely another.

Some of these savings are phenomenal with eligible customers getting every light in their shop replaced for a single one off cost of $33. 

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