About Us

At Colby SOLAR we are passionate about reducing our environmental footprint and enhancing the environment we live in.

We pride ourselves on quality products installed to an extremely high standard to suit domestic household and commercial needs.

Our focus is on solar systems for renewable energy to protect and enhance the environment and maintain happy communities.

Your solar system will be designed and installed for optimum performance by a licensed electrician with a Clean Energy Council (CEC) solar accreditation.

Sick of paying extortionate power bills from greedy companies? Take control of your money by installing solar systems in your home or business for a greater return on investment and a reduced environmental footprint.

Let Colby SOLAR help reduce your reliance on the grid and help you slash your energy costs and start saving money today.

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Why Colby Solar?

Colby Solar are Solar Electricians, not Salesmen. We carefully design every system differently to specifically match each customer’s needs. 

All our solar systems are installed in-house, keeping work quality at its highest. If you have any questions or any confusion about the process of getting solar or the best system for your needs, we are the experts with the real experience and qualifications to help you

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